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TrivialityZone Chat :: Help/Updates/Suggestion Forum :: Newsletters
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February Newsletter 2015
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Posted on 31-01-2015 00:08
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TrivialityZone Chat
Chat at home on TrivialityZone!!

Newsletter No.45
February 2015

TrivialityZone Rocksssss!!!
First of all apologies for the lack of newsletters, I reallyyyy don't know where the time goes, before we know it it'll be christmas again. We miss all the old regulars and those who popped in from time to time!! Now is the perfect time to come and say hello, especially if you're snowed in, and don't know what to do with your time. Grab that hot chocolate, a cosy blanket and come and chat to old friends. Of course if you're in sunny Aus (i'm not jealous one bit!) you could grab a cool drink and come inside join us and keep cool at the same time.

Just a little reminder #TrivialityZone is our main channel, we are an adult network and as such we all pretty much respect each other. This is why people come to chat because we are a community who are there for each other, we cheer each other up if we're feeling down, wish each other luck if we have a job interview. We celebrate special occasions together. As always we try to keep it clean in #TrivialityZone and we don’t tolerate abuse.

On TZ we think everyone should be adult enough to get along or use ignore so we rarely need to step in, and hence we are 99.9% drama free - a rarity on IRC, however if you feel uncomfortable with anything please speak to a member of staff.

A little reminder to everyone if the channel you’ve joined isn’t chatty at first, there could be many chatting in another channel, or playing in our regular quiz just type /list or if you use mibbit via our website you could ask someone on the staff team which channels might be more active, kiwiirc is similar to mibbit and you can see the /list https://kiwiirc.c...alityzone/

If anyone would like to see anything in particular in our newsletter or have something special they want to share with us feel free to email us or let a member of staff know.

In the TrivialityZone spotlight this month
• Congratulations to Tiddles who is expecting a baby.
• As the leaders in irc quiz innovation we have a few new ideas under wraps, if interested in taking part helping prepare these ideas message Medusa on irc, if interested in playing then please keep a check on the topic for any new times. I did consider Mondays or Tuesdays and Thursdays for quiz night, there are only one Monday/Tuesday I can't do each month. Let me know what you all think. Or just the one day?
• The new years eve radio show party went very well. With Dj^Optical in full swing!! He has now cancelled his Monday evening shows, but will still be doing his Thursday and Saturday show, however he is no longer doing his radio quiz.
• I'm sure after I hit send I will think of tonnes of things to add here so please watch this space next month....

#AussieTrivia Corner
• Hoping the guys and gals downunder had a great Australian Day!!
• Annie had a great holiday in Barbados!! Perhaps next time we could jump in your case Annie!!
• Menna mixed with the rich and famous when Novak Djokovic walked past here, so near yet so far!!
• Don't forget to check out the facebook group page for everything that may be going on.

IRC News!!
As some may know SearchIRC has been down. Some say it has been sold. The domain seems to point to mibbit search.

IRCIndexer - The webs newest and most advanced IRC Search Engine could be your replacement for SearchIRC. It combines the old SearchIRC features with a more modern and lightwieght feel for an enjoyable user experience. They have implemented multiple features into the website for users to play around with, with many more features to come. If you havent yet checked them out, feel free to visit http://IRCIndexer... and have a look around. We have features both for Network Owners/Admins as well as normal IRC users.

If you'd like your own special corner of the newsletter give Medusa a shout!!

Want to run your own channel?
• Don’t forget if you know anyone who needs a channel hosting on the network for their website/facebook group or just because they do!! They’re welcome to come and have a chat with me. A number of people already have their own channels on the network. Some knowledge of owning a channel is required as there are times when some opers on the server could be unavailable, the staff team offer their time voluntarily, and could be busy with full time jobs, family lives etc…

• Janus/channel updates (see below this newsletter).

If you were after your very own hosting, website, ircd, bnc’s, shoutcast, you could always check out the following.
#bitboxes http://www.bitbox... check website to see what’s new!!
#rayserv rayserv check website to see what’s new!!

Birthdays for February!!
We’d like to wish the TZ members who are celebrating their birthdays this month a very happy birthday and they should party like there’s no tomorrow sensibly of course!!

gopher 13th Feb (not quite a valentines day girl!!)
ginaboo 15th Feb
terris mum

If you know of any birthdays that are being celebrated in March that you’d like mentioned in our next newsletter drop us an email.
We also hope anyone who has had a birthday since our last newsletter had a wonderful day too.

Score Board!

#Quiz scores for 2014
1. Annie 2353
2. Roarrrr 2020
3. gopher 1522
4. nelliem 891
5. ScouseGeezer 608
6. borromir (jos) 494
7. Carole 454
8. Loki 425
9. Scottishburd 339
10. vexi 324
11. kingkong 287
12. Slasher 131
13. Liam 125
14. Colin 86
15. monty57 74
16. Ash 57
17. userpaul 52
18. elot 46
19. lucie 38
20. rainbow_drops 37
21. katy 35
22. tingles 29
23. Mick 28
24. Vrillon 25
25. Medusa 23
26. kyuusai-san, ChocolateMonster 19
27. phant 18
28. Russ, newcastle_pete 14
29. joop 13
30. yummymummy 12
31. gyp 11
32. Rachel 8
33. Camisado 7
34. mikeybee 6
35. Dragonegg 4
36. vladimir, karateguy 3
37. ma15, BeMineTonight, mzkelli 1

Battle of the sexes 2014
The females won, but there were a lot more females playing!!! More males in 2015 please.

#AussieTrivia top scores ever!!
1: Colin_ 1716994675
2: rainbow_drops 1419725600
3: monty57 1287658125
4: Kiwifriend 896018800
5: chandlermiss 839820625
6: Annie 749269500
7: Gopher 748969625
8: mennaa 672759625
9: iandun 557398750
10: gyp 431428975
11: lucie 422726100
12: nelliem 369745975
13: wynaught 292455350
14: Maxie 292181100
15: ma15 290076950
16: YummyMummy 265993450
17: bops 261031100
18: wOrMs 220203225
19: Colin 213439825
20: cherieanne 168316550
21: msmatrix 154953500
22: col_ 145872875
23: Attilathehen 143434300
24: xan 121351775
25: cheeky 116340300
26: karateguy 110421100
27: Kris_Kringle 89590525
28: Carole 82717300
29: d3v 71559900
30: FeloniousPunk 64501950

#kool-trivia top 10 scores ever!!
1: chea 58847050
2: den 31497025
3: Mindi 7440275
4: Colin_ 5700775
5: Rachel 1496975
6: Liam 1043450
7: Medusa 976450
8: lilybet 605200
9: gopher 370050
10: Smythe 270300

#Trivia top scores ever!!
1: Mindi 493802450
2: jimbo1234 337875750
3: msmatrix 89318775
4: xan 35106150
5: carrot 21944250
6: speedo 18873425
7: joyg 14724425
8: Smythe 13951750
9: siniStar 3548400
10: Brundle 3490575
11: Medusa 3005375
12: den 1397325
13: Rhonda 933725
14: RhondaJoy 651025
15: Colin_ 623825
16: karona 348300
17: kira 332650
18: Lannikai 302875
19: Andz 239575
20: Blink 214875
21: gopher 206675
22: RX60 201850
23: LordSeth 178725
24: becky82 157875
25: monty57 137075
26: wick 124075
27: Trina 103750
28: userpaul 83250
29: Guy 70675
30: sini 70550

1. Lou (1336)
2. A1phaTech (1036)
3. Roarrrr (964)
4. jimbo1234 (907)
5. concrete_angel (731)
6. vexi (493)
7. heliotrope (401)
8. x_soft_pot_x (399)
9. Medusa (332)
10. chandlermiss (210)

Well done everyone and good luck for 2015!
Watch this space for any future changes!!

Please remember to keep safe online
•Don't give out your personal details such as your full name, email address, phone number or home/work address.
•If you decide to meet anyone you speak to online remember they may not be who they say they are.
•If you must meet someone, please stay safe and at least take some one with you on the first visit, meet in a public place, and tell people where you are.
•Use strong passwords that are different for each of your important onlinepersonal accounts.
•If anyone on the TrivialityZone Network acts inappropriately towards you and makes you feel uncomfortable, bully’s you, or harasses you in any way please report it to a Staff Team Member so that they can have the situation dealt with.
• If anyone on the network annoys you, you can do the following to ignore that user /ignore UserNameHere

We want to remain drama free as a lot of people come to IRC to get away from the dramas of every day lives, if you have any issues bring them to Medusa/Lou please or email me no matter how trivial you may think it is, as the most trivial of things can spiral and become bigger. We want everyone to enjoy coming to the network, and we want it to be a safe place for people to chat.

Medusa & happybear TZ Owners

To remove your name from our mailing list, or if you’d like anything added
to any future newsletters.
please email Medusa at

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chat Channels
#TrivialityZone (TZ) The main Chat channel on the TrivialityZone network http://radio.triv...listen.pls 8-midnight
#Help (TZ)
#Sexytimes ScouseGeezer (TZ) Adult Chat!! No cam2cam requests, please and ask before pm'ing!!
#The_Place2B (TZ) (AVAILABLE As A Chatters Own Channel! Please speak to staff.) Or
#Your Channel Here!!!
#kool-trivia Liam (ukchatmania) New Bogus Trivia
#LiveScores Ash Up to date live football scores and friendly banter.
#Gig-Chatz Trixar_za (irc-wiki janus) New website at
#irc-wiki (gig) for everything that’s IRC related!!
#Chatzone sinistar (irc4fun) for chat
#IRC4Fun sinistar (irc4fun) for chat
#LadyGaga sinistar (irc4fun) for those who love to chat about Lady Gaga
#HellsKitchen sinistar (irc4fun)
#ARRIBA einstein (irc4fun) gaming!
#LBGT sinistar (irc4fun) for chat!
#aussietrivia_friends Colin (TZ) for friendly banter (no swearing)
#UKChatBox Turner (ukchatbox) for chat!
#Bar Turner (ukchatbox) for chat!

Games Channels
#Quiz (TZ) Live Quizmasters every Wednesday and Sunday at 9pm UK Time
#Trivia (TZ) to start type !trivia , ~ for a hint and to stop type !strivia
#AussieTrivia (Col’s) to start type !trivia , ~ for a hint and to stop type !strivia (no swearing)
#MusicTrivia (TZ) to start type !trivia , ~ for a hint and to stop type !strivia
#kool-trivia (Liam’s) to start type !trivia , ~ for a hint and to stop type !strivia
#Countdown (TZ) to start a game type !start, for top 10 !top10
#Uno (TZ) to start a game type !uno , to join a game type jo , to stop a game type !stop for commmand list !unocmds
#Jokes (TZ) come and share your Jokes with us!! Type !bash to see any bash’s
#Script-Playroom (TZ) test out your scripts here!!!
#Gaming (TZ) Chat with us about your gaming interests/facebook applications and more!
#DealOrNoDeal (TZ) The Deal Or No Deal Game
#werewolf gigirc a fun game where you have to kill the werewolf or hide the fact that you are the werewolf
#Idle-RPG AA Ryken’s Register : /msg Idle-RPG register <user> <password> <class> | Website : http://medusa.cha...k/idle-rpg A game where you idle after registering.
#kickwarz Turner (UKChatBox)

Support Channels
#BitBoxes Slasher Nonnie Dr-Evil Night_Owl Hosting Company http://www.bitbox...
#rayserv Mep Hosting Company http://www.rayser...
#GrievingHearts happybear Medusa Where grieving hearts come together http://www.facebo...192185783/
#irc-wiki gig For everything IRC -=- http://www.irc-wi... - Follow: @IRWiki -=- IRC Wiki has passed 1 Million views!
#IRCForums This is a new IRC Forum belonging to yazer 'Welcome to IRCForums channel please visit the website @ any Qs please email'

Radio Channels
#TrivialityZone (TZ) The main Chat channel on the TrivialityZone network http://radio.triv...listen.pls 8-midnight
#ccradio PEACHES Chat Cafe Radio. 24/7 http://stream.the...listen.pls or 24/7 Jazz http://sjc.thecha...
#JuzzRadio DJTheJuZShoW (gig) J.U.Z.Z RADIO! Tune in here: http://juzzradio.... DJ may be on duty! We are good crazy and don't least not too hard!

Remember to type /list for the full list.

A reminder that #TrivialityZone is our family friendly main chat channel, as we have chatters around the globe, late night for us could be early morning for them! We have several Adult Channels on the Network.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Edited by Medusa on 17-11-2015 23:33
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