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TZ Quotes
Submitted by: Title: ircmojo moments Rating:
<%rob> dunno, starting to hate ballet class
<@Meddy> keeps you on your toes though Pfft
<@Meddy> now that was quick for me
1 2 3 4 5
Submitted by: Title: Bless you! Rating:
* ~Medusa sneezes
* +rtfm ducks
<~Medusa> lol
<&Gopher> lmao
1 2 3 4 5
Submitted by: Title: Motivational Rating:
Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
1 2 3 4 5
Submitted by: Title: hotcrossbuns!! Rating:
<+Scottishburd> some may say i should have a matress strapped to my back anyway Sad
* +kingkong stares at elenas buns
<+kingkong> why's that burdy?
<@gopher> pmsl
<+Scottishburd> lol
<~Medusa> lol
* +hotcrossbuns tosses a bun @ babs
<+kingkong> Smile
<~Medusa> do they have crosses on kingkong?
<+rtfm> =)
<~Medusa> and are they hot?
<+kingkong> they are hot
1 2 3 4 5
Submitted by: Title: Dave from next door! Rating:
* Bootsy sets mode: +v dave
<+optical> hi dave Smile
<~Medusa> hi there dave
<+dave> hi
<~Medusa> wish i had a drink lol
* chanbot sets mode: +l 58
<+dave> my name isnt actually dave, i put down "dave from next door"
<+dave> dont know why, im just a bit random
<~Medusa> lol
<+optical> lol
<~Medusa> what is your nick then lol
<+dave> now how do i change my name?
<~Medusa> do /nick newnickhere
<+optical> type /nick newnick
<+optical> yeah like she said
<~Medusa> what he said
<+optical> no spaces though
<~Medusa> we could do a 2 ronnies act Pfft
<~Medusa> and include the /
* +dave (webchat@F9EE627F.3ADD34B5.4D1D59E5.IP) Quit (TZ)
<+optical> alternatively he could quit
<~Medusa> or leave and start over
1 2 3 4 5
Submitted by: Title: Heavy Breathing!! Rating:
[00:01] <+Candy> bitrate switched to 64kbps
[00:01] <+tingles> *Laughs*
[00:02] <+optical> thank you all and good night .... the EGO has landed
[00:02] * +optical (optical@EGO.on.tour) Quit (TZ)
[00:02] <+tingles> i know a few with the name karen
[00:02] <+DragonForce> no, but it was Indie I was looking for
[00:02] <+public^menace> lol tut
[00:02] <+Scottishburd> Lou?
[00:02] <+Scottishburd> you on?
[00:02] <+Medusa> yes?
[00:02] <+DragonForce> but I found Miss Burdie Pfft
[00:02] <+Scottishburd> inhaler
[00:02] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:02] <+DragonForce> Lou, can hear ya breathing, no audio else
[00:02] <+public^menace> lou theres no moosic hun
[00:02] <+Candy> there are currently 5 (5) people listening
[00:03] <+DragonForce> ok, ya coughing well
[00:03] <+DragonForce> but no music
[00:03] <&Liam> cough cough
[00:03] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:03] <+lizard> sniff sniff
[00:03] <+public^menace> u been to the docks again liam?
[00:03] <+Scottishburd> Liam
[00:03] <&Liam> no?
[00:03] <+DragonForce> good job she's not having phone sex innit Wink
[00:03] <+Scottishburd> go on
[00:03] <&Liam> lmfao
[00:03] <&Liam> go on what
[00:03] <+public^menace> docs*
[00:03] <+Scottishburd> fs
[00:04] <+public^menace> soooooooooooooooo tired
[00:04] <+Scottishburd> Liam
[00:04] <&Liam> karen
[00:04] <+DragonForce> its tuesday
[00:04] <+Scottishburd> Lou hunni
[00:04] <+Scottishburd> Lou
[00:04] <+DragonForce> Medusa
[00:04] <+DragonForce> Medusa
[00:04] <+DragonForce> Medusa
[00:04] <+Scottishburd> oh ffs
[00:04] <&Liam> SHARON
[00:04] <+Candy> there are currently 4 (4) people listening
[00:05] <&Liam> is she even here lmao
[00:05] <+DragonForce> Medusa/gig
[00:05] <+DragonForce> Medusa/gig
[00:05] <+DragonForce> Medusa/gig
[00:05] <+Scottishburd> Lou cuddles yes
[00:05] <+DragonForce> cuddles are always good
[00:05] * +indy ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:05] * chanbot sets mode: +l 56
[00:05] <+Scottishburd> Lou
[00:05] <+public^menace> lou theres a naked man running passed hasler hospital Grin
[00:05] <&Liam> lmfao
[00:06] <+DragonForce> tut
[00:06] <+DragonForce> Shock swearing!
[00:06] <&Liam> lmao
[00:06] <+public^menace> if thatdont
get her attention nowt will lol
[00:06] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:06] <+Scottishburd> omg Lou
[00:06] <&Liam> lmfao
[00:06] <&Liam> she aint got a clue we can hear her
[00:06] <+Scottishburd> so funny
[00:06] <&Liam> someone record it!
[00:06] <+Scottishburd> Lou
[00:06] <+Candy> now playing: Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven (
[00:07] <+Scottishburd> Lou play the tune
[00:07] <+public^menace> bing bong avon calling
[00:07] <+Scottishburd> Lou
[00:07] <+Scottishburd> the tune!
[00:07] <+Scottishburd> play it
[00:07] <&Liam> ahem
[00:08] * +Tiddles ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[00:08] <+tingles> Liam you remind me of that song
[00:08] <+tingles> ding dong the witch is dead
[00:08] <+Scottishburd> Liam
[00:08] <+Scottishburd> do smething
[00:08] <+Scottishburd> something
[00:09] <+Scottishburd> fuck sake guys
[00:09] <+Scottishburd> lo
[00:09] <+Scottishburd> Lou
[00:09] <&Liam> ok im recording Pfft
[00:09] <+Scottishburd> hey Lou
[00:09] <+DragonForce> lets hope she pulls the flush soon Wink
[00:09] <+public^menace> LIAM
[00:09] <+lizard> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> WHAT
[00:09] <+Scottishburd> Liam you batsard
[00:09] <+public^menace> thats not nice tut liam#
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa/gig
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa
[00:09] * chanbot sets mode: +l 55
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa
[00:09] <&Liam> Medusa
[00:09] <&Liam> Lou
[00:09] <&Liam> Lou
[00:09] <&Liam> Lou
[00:09] <&Liam> Lou
[00:09] <&Liam> Lou
[00:09] <&Liam> Lou
[00:09] <&Liam> Lou
[00:09] <&Liam> Lou
[00:09] <+DragonForce> can somebody text her?
[00:09] <+Scottishburd> BASTARD
[00:09] <+lizard> Lou
[00:10] <&Liam> fuckinghell is she deaf and blind?
[00:10] <&Liam> lmao
[00:10] <+Scottishburd> wait i will
[00:10] * @chanbot (chanbot@ Quit ([] Local kill by mep (Don't repeat yourself!))
[00:10] <+Scottishburd> calling
[00:10] <&Liam> lmao
[00:11] <+DragonForce> avon calling Pfft
[00:11] <&Liam> she answered?
[00:11] <&Liam> "hello"?
[00:11] <&Liam> lou ya on the radio
[00:11] <&Liam> oh?
[00:11] <+DragonForce> have I?
[00:11] <&Liam> OH FUCK
[00:11] <+DragonForce> doesn't say I have Pfft
[00:11] <&Liam> can hear her in the background
[00:11] <+DragonForce> yep lmao
[00:11] * chanbot has joined #TrivialityZone
[00:11] * Bootsy sets mode: +v chanbot
[00:11] <+Candy> now playing: The Avalanches - 'Frontier Psychiatrist' (
[00:12] <&Liam> she musta muted sam
[00:12] <+DragonForce> aye
[00:12] <+DragonForce> must have
[00:12] <+DragonForce> not muted mer mic either
[00:12] <&Liam> have i?
[00:12] <&Liam> lmao
[00:12] <+public^menace> poor bugga and sam had so much to say lol
[00:12] <+Scottishburd> i got her
[00:12] <+Scottishburd> LOL
[00:12] <+DragonForce> yayyyyyyyy
[00:12] <&Liam> lol
[00:12] <+public^menace> yes we can hear Scottishburd
[00:12] <&Liam> turns the mic off but no music lol
[00:12] <+Candy> TZRadio is now going Offline
[00:13] <+DragonForce> a good job she wasn't on the loo Pfft
[00:13] <+public^menace> lou
[00:13] <+Scottishburd> i cannot stop laughing now
[00:13] <+public^menace> well done Scottishburd
[00:13] <+DragonForce> I'm laughing here
[00:13] <+Scottishburd> Lou love ya
[00:13] <+DragonForce> nice one B irdie Wink
[00:13] <+Medusa> is it still buggered?
[00:13] <+DragonForce> well, can hear tapping
[00:13] <+Scottishburd> play music
[00:13] <&Liam> no you've muted ya sam
[00:13] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:14] <+Scottishburd> in tears here
[00:14] <+Scottishburd> what a lady
[00:14] <&Liam> lou sing us a song
[00:14] <+Medusa> OK NOW?
[00:14] <+Scottishburd> Lou
[00:14] <+Medusa> lol
[00:14] * Tiddles ( has joined #TrivialityZone
[00:14] * Bootsy sets mode: +v Tiddles
[00:14] <+public^menace> lou ur mics still on hun n noooooooooo moosic
[00:14] <+Scottishburd> play music lol
[00:14] <+DragonForce> sing us a song Lou Pfft
[00:14] <+Medusa> still?
[00:14] <+public^menace> yep
[00:14] <&Liam> lou press f12 on sam
[00:14] <+Scottishburd> in tears
[00:14] <+Scottishburd> FFS
[00:14] <&Liam> you've got the mic on lock to talk
[00:15] <+Scottishburd> bent double
[00:15] <+public^menace> lou u get5ting liams messages
[00:15] <+Medusa> yeah
[00:15] <&Liam> what messages
[00:15] <+Scottishburd> god i love her
[00:15] <+public^menace> ok
[00:15] <+Medusa> still i darent' breathe
[00:15] <+Scottishburd> as much as i love yer breathing Lou
[00:15] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:15] * Medusa sets mode: +o chanbot
[00:15] * chanbot sets mode: +l 60
[00:15] <+public^menace> ffs dont give up breathing
[00:16] <+DragonForce> very horny breathing innit Pfft
[00:16] <&Liam> lmfao
[00:16] <+public^menace> that will never end well
[00:16] <+Scottishburd> pissing maself here
[00:16] <+Medusa> i can't breathe lol
[00:16] <&Liam> i daint speak
[00:16] <+public^menace> noooooooo Medusa
[00:16] <+Scottishburd> oh fuck
[00:16] <+Scottishburd> i am dying
[00:16] <&Liam> lmao
[00:16] <+public^menace> we can still hear ur mic#
[00:16] <&Liam> poor karen
[00:16] <+Scottishburd> tears
[00:16] <+public^menace> noooooooooooo
[00:16] <+Scottishburd> down my face
[00:17] <+Scottishburd> no Lou
[00:17] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:17] <+Scottishburd> play a fucking song
[00:17] <+DragonForce> a fucking song?
[00:17] <+public^menace> did u try pressing f12 lou
[00:17] <+public^menace> ?
[00:17] <+Scottishburd> all my days
[00:17] <+DragonForce> hmmm, how do they go?
[00:17] <&Liam> f11 will take the mic off lock
[00:17] <+Scottishburd> help!!!
[00:17] <+DragonForce> an is it by Kevin Wilson?
[00:17] <+public^menace> ooppss f11
[00:17] <+Candy> now playing: Robbie Williams - Bongo Bong/Je Ne T'Aime Plus (
[00:18] <+apt-get> This ain't bong bong
[00:18] <+Scottishburd> i need her fucking inhaler
[00:18] <+apt-get> Why can't I sleep
[00:18] <+public^menace> still only u on mic
[00:18] <+Scottishburd> help!
[00:18] <+rtfm> I like help.
[00:18] <+Scottishburd> LOU yes
[00:18] <+apt-get> Go to bed pisshead
[00:18] <+public^menace> yes reboot san b
[00:18] <+Scottishburd> omg lmao
[00:18] <+public^menace> sam
[00:18] <+Medusa> let me reboot it
[00:18] <+Medusa> jeez
[00:18] <+Scottishburd> i cannot breath
[00:18] <+public^menace> tut slash
[00:18] <+Scottishburd> oh it's off
[00:18] <+Scottishburd> LOLOL
[00:18] <+Candy> TZRadio is now going Offline
[00:18] <+public^menace> wot u still doin up slash
[00:19] <+apt-get> Fuck knows
[00:19] <+apt-get> Slept 5 mins
[00:19] <+apt-get> Feels like 5 hours
[00:19] <+Scottishburd> i am crying
[00:19] <+apt-get> Good for you
[00:19] <+Scottishburd> tears
[00:19] <+Scottishburd> omg Lou
[00:19] <+Scottishburd> fuck off Craig
[00:19] <+public^menace> tut slash u obviously didnt do enuff of it Pfft
[00:19] <+apt-get> Nou
[00:19] <&Liam> lmao
[00:19] <+Scottishburd> that was funny
[00:19] <+Medusa> sorry was trying to find something so wasn't paying attention
[00:19] <+DragonForce> shall I go on and tie up the radio server - just to confuse her? Pfft
[00:19] <+apt-get> Enough of what sleep?
[00:20] <+Scottishburd> are you ready to slap me now?
[00:20] <+Scottishburd> good
[00:20] <+public^menace> lou find me brain whilst ur at it luv
[00:20] <&Liam> in the words of noel
[00:20] <+apt-get> Who?
[00:20] <&Liam> nou
[00:20] <+apt-get> Noel doesn't say nou
[00:20] <+Scottishburd> lol she's back
[00:20] <&Liam> take 3
[00:20] <+DragonForce> ok, radio back on it seems
[00:20] <+public^menace> no apt-get lol
[00:20] <+DragonForce> take 3
[00:20] <+apt-get> A disaster of shakesperian perportions
[00:20] <+tingles> Grin
[00:20] <+rtfm> Shock)
[00:20] <+Scottishburd> fucking pissing myself
[00:20] <+tingles> i keep forgetting who you are
[00:20] <+public^menace> still no working lou
[00:21] * +apt-get hands Scottishburd a potty
[00:21] <+Scottishburd> Lou i LOVE YOU
[00:21] <+public^menace> nope its not
[00:21] * &Liam throws an egg in it
[00:21] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:21] <+DragonForce> no
[00:21] <&Liam> thats how to "use a potty"
[00:21] <+apt-get> Lmao liam
[00:21] <+public^menace> Scottishburd is sodding potty slash Pfft
[00:21] <+Scottishburd> Lou play a tune
[00:21] <+Scottishburd> i hear one
[00:21] <+Medusa> not sure what i did
[00:21] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:22] <+DragonForce> there's a setting you've mangled somewhere
[00:22] <+public^menace> press buttons lou
[00:22] <+apt-get> Press power
[00:22] <&Liam> i know what shes done lol
[00:22] <+Scottishburd> help
[00:22] <+apt-get> On the front of your pc
[00:22] <&Liam> muted sam and locked the mic on talk
[00:22] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:22] * +apt-get dials 999 for karen
[00:22] <+DragonForce> do you have the encoder bypassing the warp conduit?
[00:22] <&Liam> lou open sam, press f11
[00:22] <+Scottishburd> i cannot breath
[00:22] <&Liam> that will take the mic off
[00:22] <+public^menace> LOU PRESS F11
[00:22] <+Scottishburd> f11
[00:23] <+Scottishburd> fuck knows what that even means
[00:23] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:23] <+public^menace> LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU F11
[00:23] <+Scottishburd> no
[00:23] <+public^menace> noooooooooooooooo
[00:23] <+DragonForce> maybe you need to bypass the mic via the dilythium matrix and cross patch it into the phaser array
[00:23] <+lizard> nooooooooo
[00:23] <&Liam> f11 is to control the mic
[00:23] <+DragonForce> press F11
[00:23] <+public^menace> wtf lloyd lol
[00:23] <+Scottishburd> i so need an inhaler
[00:23] <+apt-get> Press alt+f4
[00:23] <+Scottishburd> omg
[00:23] <+Scottishburd> nearly
[00:23] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:23] <+DragonForce> quiet music
[00:23] <+DragonForce> quiet voice
[00:23] <&Liam> ECHO
[00:23] <&Liam> ECHO
[00:24] <+Scottishburd> honest to god
[00:24] <&Liam> lou do /run shutdown -r
[00:24] * &Liam runs
[00:24] <+Scottishburd> i cannot breath
[00:24] <+apt-get> Everyone with mirc do that
[00:24] <+Scottishburd> lolol
[00:24] <+apt-get> /run shutdown -r now
[00:24] <+lizard> im finding it hard to breath
[00:24] <+Scottishburd> oh
[00:24] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:24] <+lizard> lol
[00:24] <+tingles> relax
[00:24] <+DragonForce> ok, silence
[00:24] <+tingles> take it eaaaaaaaaaaaasy
[00:24] <+Candy> TZRadio is now going Offline
[00:25] <+Medusa> i need to figure it
[00:25] <+apt-get> Donk
[00:25] <+Scottishburd> big gasp
[00:25] <+DragonForce> that'll be why
[00:25] <+tingles> who was online
[00:25] <+Scottishburd> lolol
[00:25] <+DragonForce> Lou was
[00:25] <+tingles> on air
[00:25] <+tingles> oh right
[00:25] <+Scottishburd> fml
[00:25] <+Medusa> who is ringing me?
[00:25] <+apt-get> Right take 4 to sleep wish me luck
[00:25] <+rtfm> Luck you say? ... hmm, it's possible. I can have that with you in 6-8 weeks.
[00:25] <&Liam> probs karen
[00:25] <+Scottishburd> crying
[00:25] <+tingles> i need to go on sometime soon
[00:25] <+Medusa> sho?
[00:25] <+Medusa> is it u
[00:25] <+apt-get> Good night again hopefully for the last time lol
[00:25] <+Scottishburd> tears here
[00:25] <+tingles> ... night
[00:25] <&Liam> goodbye
[00:25] <&Liam> so long
[00:25] <+Scottishburd> omg
[00:25] <&Liam> get lost
[00:25] <+apt-get> Fuck off
[00:25] <&Liam> nou
[00:25] <+public^menace> it were me but liz told me radios off line
[00:25] <+Scottishburd> Lou
[00:26] <+Scottishburd> funny as fuck
[00:26] <+apt-get> Nn karen xxxx
[00:26] <+DragonForce> going fer a smoke a mo
[00:26] <+Scottishburd> bent double
[00:26] * +DragonForce drags Birdie out fer a fag
[00:26] <+public^menace> it were me lou
[00:26] Global mentioned you in #services

<Global> OperServ: Liam: global live on the radio now none other than medusa herself. of course with the occasional cough cough here and a "have i sorted it yet" there and of course, not forgetting the breathing Wink

[00:26] <+Scottishburd> nn Craig xxxx cannot breath lol
[00:26] <+apt-get> You've lost the plot
[00:26] <+apt-get> Go to bed
[00:27] <+Scottishburd> we both have
[00:27] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:27] <+public^menace> i never had the soddin plot lol
[00:27] * +Medusa slaps Liam
[00:27] <+apt-get> You all have
[00:27] <&Liam> lmfao
[00:27] <+Medusa> for sending a global
[00:27] <+Scottishburd> Lou just LOL
[00:27] <+Scottishburd> made my night
[00:27] <+Medusa> i don't know what i did
[00:27] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:28] <+Scottishburd> i can't breath
[00:28] <+Medusa> on the mic bit what has to be clocked lol
[00:28] <+Medusa> clicked]
[00:28] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:28] <+Scottishburd> bitch i phoned you
[00:28] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:28] <+Medusa> well i could have made it interesting
[00:28] <+apt-get> *gone* nn fuckers - good luck lou lol
[00:28] <+Medusa> lol
[00:28] <+Scottishburd> and you put me on air
[00:28] <+Medusa> were u on air too
[00:28] <+Mick> LOL @ that global
[00:28] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:28] <+public^menace> lou liam sed switch sam on n press f11 hunnie
[00:29] <+public^menace> slash sed press alt and f4
[00:29] <+Medusa> i'm too scared too lol
[00:29] <+Scottishburd> i will pee myself
[00:29] <+Medusa> i bet he did
[00:29] <&Liam> just open sam, look for the mic config, click lock to talk
[00:29] <&Liam> done
[00:29] <&Liam> mic off
[00:29] <&Liam> sorted
[00:29] <+Scottishburd> i cried
[00:29] <&Liam> simples
[00:29] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:29] <+Scottishburd> so fucking funny
[00:29] <+Scottishburd> tears
[00:30] <+Medusa> wow i know what i did
[00:30] <+public^menace> wot did u did?
[00:30] * lucie ( has joined #TrivialityZone
[00:30] * Bootsy sets mode: +v lucie
[00:30] <+public^menace> lucie xxx
[00:30] <+lucie> hey public^menace xxx
[00:30] <&Liam> finally!!!!!!
[00:30] <+public^menace> lol @ finally
[00:31] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:31] <+Medusa> phew lol
[00:31] <+Candy> there are currently 4 (4) people listening
[00:32] <+Medusa> lucie xxxx
[00:32] * chanbot sets mode: +l 61
[00:32] <+lucie> hey Medusa xxxx
[00:32] <+Scottishburd> lucie xxx
[00:32] <+Medusa> god i'd pressed this thing
[00:32] <+lucie> Scottishburd !!! xxx
[00:32] <+Scottishburd> i cannot breath
[00:32] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:32] <+Medusa> the moral of the story is don't go pressing buttons
[00:32] <+Scottishburd> love you Lou
[00:32] <+Medusa> cause the whol network gets to hear you
[00:32] <+Medusa> whole*
[00:32] <+public^menace> i sooooooooo no that one lou lol
[00:32] <+Scottishburd> inhaler!
[00:32] <+Candy> there are currently 5 (5) people listening
[00:33] <+lucie> oh we have music
[00:33] <+public^menace> pmsfl @ lucie
[00:33] <+Medusa> oooh we do now lol
[00:33] <+public^menace> u missed it hunnie lol
[00:33] <+Medusa> they had 24 mins of me
[00:33] <+Medusa> breathing
[00:33] <+lucie> damn I always miss the good stuff
[00:33] <+public^menace> weve been listening to lou heavy breathing past half hr lol
[00:33] <+Scottishburd> i phoned her
[00:33] <+Medusa> lol
[00:33] <+Scottishburd> lmao
[00:33] <+lucie> ohhh
[00:33] <+Candy> there are currently 6 (6) people listening
[00:33] <+Medusa> then burd was on air
[00:33] <+Candy> now playing: Lily Allen Vs. Littlest Hobo - Not Fair Vs Maybe Tomorrow (The Littlest Hobo Tv Theme) (
[00:34] <+Medusa> did i say who's that
[00:34] <+Scottishburd> cannot breath
[00:34] <+lucie> did some get a wee bit excited then
[00:34] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:35] <+lucie> but seriously are you ok Medusa ?
[00:35] <+Scottishburd> she was like what
[00:35] <+Scottishburd> lol
[00:35] <+Scottishburd> inhaler!
[00:35] <+Medusa> yeah lol
[00:35] <+Medusa> it's hot and close there's no air
[00:36] <+DragonForce> I like this tune xD
[00:36] <+Scottishburd> i swear funniest night of my life
[00:36] <+Medusa> lol
[00:37] <+DragonForce> poke her in the eye - she'll scream Wink
[00:37] <&Liam> how to make a snooker table scream
[00:37] <&Liam> whack its balls
[00:37] <+DragonForce> ouch
[00:37] <+rtfm> Awww.
[00:37] <+rtfm> poor dragonforce
[00:38] <+tingles> rawr
[00:38] <+DragonForce> behave you Pfft
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Submitted by: Title: A bouncy testicle! Rating:
<Liam> xavier are you gay?
<+Xavier> yes and i wont stop till my testicle bounces off
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Submitted by: Title: Bot love!! Rating:
<+Russ_P> rtfm do you love Xavier?
<+rtfm> i do
<+rtfm> Despite having no cock.
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Submitted by: Title: Mates?! Rating:
<+R-e-D> so why are you bringing 6 rubbers and vaseline with you
<+The_Lizard> 6 ? lol
<+R-e-D> yeah i hear shes rampant
<+The_Lizard> nah nothing like that
[19:44] <~Medusa> tut mates are good
[19:44] <~Medusa> as in friends
[19:44] <~Medusa> not the rubber make
<+The_Lizard> lol
<~Medusa> you so gotta think about everything you type in here
<+Mick> rofl
* +R-e-D pats Medusa on the head
<~Medusa> again
<+R-e-D> youre poor wee brain
<+R-e-D> -e
<+R-e-D> all that thinking
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Submitted by: Title: A small one Rating:
<+The_Lizard> i need a smaller one
<+rtfm> I already have one of those.
<~Medusa> lol do ya
<~Medusa> poor rtfm
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Submitted by: Title: I want one!! Rating:
<+Guantlet> i'm good ty and urself
<&@+Liam> i want it allllllllll
<&@+Liam> i want it nowwwwwwwww
<+Xavier> I already have one of those.
<&@+Liam> lmao
<~Medusa> good too thanks
<~Medusa> I want one too
<+rtfm> I had one of them the other week. They're very nice, aren't they?
<&@+Liam> omg lol
<~Medusa> lol
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