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Keep your account details private.
Please Follow staff requests.
Keep it clean.
We are an adult network and as such there are times
when adult language is used.
Follow the rules on any topics.
If you would like a channel where only people you know can join
and it's your rules let us know, we can set one up with a key.
No innapropriate nicknames.
Please don't spam on the Network.
Please don't discuss other networks
Do not Incite an argument.
No Homophobia/Racism/Abuse will be tolerated.
Speak English.
No promotional drug talk.
Please Ask Before You Pm Someone.
If you need to post personal contact details please use pm .

On TZ we think everyone should be adult enough to get along or use ignore
so we rarely need to step in, and hence we are 99.9% drama free
- a rarity on IRC. There are times when users join and try to incite an argument
these are the people we don't want on our network and will be removed without warning.

If you like us tell all your friends :P

Please remember to keep safe online

•Don't give out your personal details such as your full name,
email address, phone number or home/work address.
•If you decide to meet anyone you speak to online remember
they may not be who they say they are.
•If you must meet someone, please stay safe and at least take
someone with you on the first visit, meet in a public place, and
tell people where you are.

•If anyone on the TrivialityZone Network acts inappropriately towards you
and makes you feel uncomfortable, bullies you, or harasses you in any way
please report it to a Staff Team Member so that they can have the situation dealt with.

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